The Dartmouth Center for Health Care Delivery Science

Dartmouth and the Indian Health Service

A Dartmouth medical student at the Nett Lake Clinic, Bois Forte Indian Reservation, Spring 2013.

MBA Students Search for a New Bottom Line

As part of the curriculum for the Tuck School of Business, all first-year students are required to participate in tangible, real-time consulting for an existing or proposed business venture. The IHS-Dartmouth partnership organized a First-Year Project proposal with the Indian Health Service at Quentin N. Burdick Memorial Health Care facility (QNB) in Belcourt, North Dakota. First-year Tuck students worked with QNB’s Dr. Sandeep Patel to study opportunities in the health care revenue of the system. Working with the “Plan, Do, Check, Act” cycle to highlight tangible improvements for the facility billing process, the students unveiled their findings at the Tuck First-Year Project presentations in May 2013. Their research determined that with appropriate processes and operational focus, facility revenue could be increased by up to $8.7M per year.

A New Kind of Spring Break

Each March, the Geisel School of Medicine sponsors its own version of a spring road trip through an Indian Health Service project in Minneapolis and the Minnesota Ojibwe Nation. First-year medical students spend their spring break on the Red Lake, White Earth, Cass Lake, or Bois Forte reservations working with IHS medical teams and community health partners to learn more about health care in those communities and the challenges they’ll be facing in the coming years. The trip also provides opportunities for them to guest-teach at local reservation schools. The med students come back to campus feeling transformed by their experiences. Through these service trips, TDC has built partnerships with the Red Lake Hospital and Little Earth Community. Continued work in the coming years will broaden the education that students receive at Dartmouth — and will increase the number of citizens in the Ojibwe Nation who receive improved health care.

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