Chris Trimble
Education Delivered

Look. If we’re going to create change in health care, it’s going to be through the efforts of individual leaders who are committed to creating innovation within their organizations. We’ve got a group of 50 promising innovators in the health system as part of our new Master of Health Care Delivery Science program. Fifty who understand that the superstars of the future are not going to be the doctors who are doing ever-more heroic procedures and they’re not going to be the doctors and scientists doing cutting-edge research. It’s going to be the people who are leading innovation in health care delivery.

We know that innovation is going to challenge the hierarchy in medicine. I hope to see this program arm these people with all they need to be successful. That means looking at the innovation coming out of places around the globe where resources are very, very scarce. That means bringing together the pioneering research in health care done by The Dartmouth Institute with all the insight we have at the Tuck School, one of the best business schools in the world.Back to top