In His Own Words Bo Han

Master’s Candidate Bo Han is a Chinese resident and member of Dartmouth’s Master of Health Care Delivery Science class of 2014.

I learned about this program while Dr. Al Mulley was in China presenting his ideas about the future of the healthcare. I got the chance to talk with the Dartmouth delegation, and recognized that this was a precious opportunity for me to learn from the combination of business management and health care service.

In China, most doctors study medicine straight after high school. I was a rare exception, earning a bachelor’s degree in financial management first, which is more like the U.S. model. In China, most doctors think about treatments, not costs. The people who run the hospitals are established physicians, famous surgeons or professors, often without any financial background. They are experts in medicine and treatments. They usually know less about business management.

At Dartmouth I have taken courses in Ethics, Clinical Microsystems, Finance Essentials, Health Economics and Policy, and Personal Leadership. Clinical Microsystems is taught based on the real operations of our daily work. What we learn in the course makes us look differently at our usual practices and our usual system. Personal Leadership, one of the most famous courses at Dartmouth, uses not only the case study teaching model, but also high-tech programs that improve different dimensions of leadership.

American health care delivery is several steps ahead of China. Through the development of the global economy, the present in the U.S. may be the future in China. It is important to learn from my fellow American classmates about what’s gained and lost here and now—which can help us avoid waste and better seek benefits in the long run. My friends and colleagues in China are still learning what healthcare delivery science is. I think one of the most important tasks for me here, as I might say back home, is to be one of the first to eat the crab and introduce it to China for better use.

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