Jim Yong Kim
Hope Delivered

The lesson we take from successes in Peru, in Rwanda, is really profound. You start from a disease focus, but you build into your thinking a systems approach from the very beginning. And then you understand what steps are needed.

The right to health is multi-faceted. Donor money is important, especially in the poorest countries. But it’s not everything. It’s very important to not think there is a quick solution to problems. That somehow taking all these vertical programs and tying a string around them is the equivalent of a functioning health care system. We found that actually doesn’t work. You’ve got to start by building a system from the ground up, to think about things like finance and sustainability. You’ve got to insist that all the disease-specific money coming in will fit with an overall plan for a robust and even inspiring system to provide health care for everyone. What we need to do at the World Bank and in the rest of the multi-lateral system is to support countries making that argument.Back to top